Sunday, January 8, 2017

Commemoration of the Battle of Jersey 2017.

Walking through town on a damp dreech January, I bumped into head librarian Ed Jewel and as he had never seen it before I suggested we watch the Jersey Militia re-enact the death of Major Pierson at the Battle of Jersey.

Against the muted tones of the Royal Square and below a slate sky of thin mizzle, a big punch of colour, the Jersey Militia shouldered their arms.

A new face was in their ranks. A little drummer girl.

Frank Falle described the battle. A prayer was said. A tableau of John Singleton Copley's painting "The Death of Major Pierson" was reconstructed by willing volunteers and Mrs Crowcroft's artistic eye. Due to the need for flowing locks a woman took the role of the Major.

But it was the little drummer girl who caught the eye and stole the day. 

After a couple of rounds of flintlock volley fire, the troop marched out below the baleful stare of Major Pierson to the sound of the Island's Pipe band.

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